Radio interview all week

Had a talk, as interesting as it is enjoyable, with Mirella Catena - within her underground radio show “Overthewall” - about me, my music activity and projects.The interview will be [...]

New AUDIO section: PRIVATE

At the kind request of some, I have added a new section intended only for directors which contains both recent material that will be used for film works in progress [...]

A sensitive guy

Someone particularly sensitive but who listens to notoriously delicate power-electronics pointed the video by F.ormal L.ogic D.ecay - "Apocalypnosis part IV” out (however always visible on this website). Video which, [...]

Furvus on radio all week

For the whole week I’ll have the pleasure of being broadcast every evening within “Overthewall”, an underground radio show, conceived and led by the nice and attentive Mirella Catena.Below the [...]

new AUDIO section

A new audio section has been added today under the "AUDIO" heading for my next works ready to be released. Since many have asked me for audio-previews, I begin with [...]


I am trying with enthusiasm - and shameful delay given how long it has been around - what I believe is one of the best waveform editors for Mac (but [...]

We’re almost

News you’ll read late, because the site is still "under maintenance": I am beginning to see the end of this huge work started last year. Unlike in the past, I [...]

Oxidierte Elektronik

The first chapter of "OXIDIERTE ELEKTRONIK" is completed and the dive into the past is almost taken.Now I pass the baton to Giovanni Indorato (Cyber Ghetto Studio & Records) for [...]

A medieval horror accompanied by Furvus

With some satisfaction I can officially announce my collaboration in the composition of the soundtrack of a very particular horror movie, “Two Sisters” (directed by the multifaceted Diego Carli) philologically [...]

Ruelles en celluloid

Today I started to mix a collection of short works of mine related to the cinematic area and remained due to several ground s in a sort of limbo. A [...]

A farewell to Fabio

Today I learn with great regret the premature death of a great artist and technician, but also an exquisite and cordial person, Fabio Possanza, author of the splendid photograph of [...]

H2R: The Secret…ShareD

Years have passed since the initial drafting of the tracks that make up the pieces of this enigmatic album created with Davide (Valecchi), passing through personal reflections, then live re-workings [...]

Somatic Music, Vol. 2: Body

Ideal sequel and completion of the previous "Somatic Music, Vol.1: voice", today I finished the recording of this work that follows the same creative and productive process of the previous [...]

“Aes Grave” on air

A couple of tracks from the new album on Italian National Broadcasting Company Radio 3 (Rai 3) "Battiti 10.10.2017, 0.00", 1.30 am - (approx. 49' 54) Furvus - "Aurora rectae [...]

Somatic Music, Vol. 1: Voice

The oldest (and unpredictable) amidst the human instruments. And definitely my favorite; the one I feel most comfortable with. Completed today the recording of this particular work dedicated to the [...]

A reflection

Is there anyone who can assert it's worth all this?Extrapolated from any form of family affective facilitation or effective patrimonial one...simply a primate in post-industrial mood struggling with the ruthlessness [...]

I’m back…

Last months haven't been the easiest times: I feel an important part of me is being taken away from me...but the music - when it's spontaneous as a hiccup, done [...]

En Velours Noir…live?

Some years have gone by since I sat at the piano to imagine how the new En Velours Noir album could be.Nearly 3 albums composed in the meantime, very heterogeneous [...]

The curse of the ending album

In 2003 I suffered a big loss of data and -apart from a demo-tape recorded before- all album sourcesfor Furvus 2nd work (“Veluti Peregrinus in Antiquitatis Memoriis” ….) and other [...]

Collaborative track with Corkscrew № 4453556

“Philoctomy” Now available this frantic, unconventional and ironic digital album for the avantgarde-glitch-cybergrind-breakcore-noise (…-and really, really "-more") project Corkscrew № 4453556, I pleased to collaborate in the title track linked [...]

New FURVUS album in the works

Many years have passed since the publication of "Deflorescens Iam Robur", now on its 3rd reprint.And a lot of time separates me from "Veluti Peregrinus in Antiquitatis Memoriis" (album of [...]

New exclusive benefit songs

Two new unpublished / exclusive songs have been included in "Zena Rising", a benefit sampler in aid of the victims of nth flood in Genoa, or rather "The Seikilos Epitaph" [...]

Sometimes they come back

A pleasant surprise: in 2003 I lost nearly 5 years of music due to an hardware failure, including two very important works... but yesterday rummaging in a carton not yet [...]


New simple, conceptual video for F.ormal L.ogic D.ecay using a tribute track dedicated to the disregarded memory of the cult Director Aristide Massaccesi aka Joe D'Amato: a death ambient reconstruction [...]

“Deflorescens Iam Robur” – new reissue

Finally available Furvus debut album reissue or rather "Deflorescens Iam Robur":a concept album dedicated to the decline of Pagan Culture and which takes a concise but heterogeneous musical and iconographic excursus through centuries [...]

A morning at UnoTV

Memories rediscovered from a morning at UnoTV in the company of my dear friend Maethelyiah, voice of Blooding Maskand members of the historical band “Il Segno del Comando”.