March 28, 2022
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New F.ormal L.ogic D.ecay album: “Oxyd”

Just handed over the master and the new album by F.ormal L.ogic D.ecay will be released soon through the historic German label Dark Vinyl, in the end simply titled “Oxyd”. As I wrote before, you can give a listen to almost all the tracks inside the UPCOMING ALBUMS section of the website.

FLD OXYD title

If I’ll feel like it, other ones will follow that deepen the same concept (a tribute to electronic music developed between the early 70s and the mid 80s made rigorously with analog synths of the period or digital emulation in the case of the rarest or most inaccessible ones); but right now it is difficult for me to think about this. For the first time in my life, with “Oxyd” I also entrusted the creation of the artwork to someone else (the many times published Viennese artist Herbert Starek) who kindly supported my needs for a vintage aesthetic linked to the world of retro-electronics; and he did it with a totally different style from mine (soon the preview cover) which led me to reflect on what is an added experimental value of this record. A record of music written by a person who lives in the present, but seems to have been produced in the heart of a futuristic past sound research and then returned today by hands that are not mine, filtering the impact of visual belonging for a perhaps more immediate process of empathic fruition. Whether it is the beginning of an alienating process or a wise artistic choice, it will be only you who will tell me in due time.