Soqquadro by Samuele Fontanelli

A total 'audio' work has just been completed (audio/foley, sound design, soundtrack, re-recording mix) on a short that talks about a difficult situation in a disadvantaged family in which a [...]

Coulrofobia by Elisa Gini

A short movie between drama and psychological horror entitled "Coulrofobia", directed by Elisa Gini, has been released.The work deals with this widespread phobia, known for decades, but little studied…and which [...]

A silent movie premiere

Yesterday, at Villa Bottini of Lucca, the premiere of the short film entitled “Quando una storia è solo una storia” directed by Giuseppe Ferlito was held. Given the nostalgic particularity [...]

“Two Sisters” premiere

Yesterday, Saturday 19 February, “Two Sisters” was screened in national preview at the "Giallo Berico Film Fest" in Vicenza. In addition to the obvious gratification of seeing on the big [...]