January 22, 2023
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Soqquadro by Samuele Fontanelli

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An almost total ‘audio’ work has just been completed (foley, sound design, soundtrack, re-recording mix) on a short that talks about a difficult situation in a disadvantaged family in which a large part of the nucleus is made up of deaf-mutes. “Soqquadro” by Samuele Fontanelli is a story in which there is no room for cinematic fiction except in the programmatic nature of the directorial shots. Spartan, raw, uncomfortably concrete.
Among the many, two versatile actors who will be the absolute protagonists of my next personal work: Ivan Izzo, in a main role, but decidedly awkward and regrettable, and Lavinia Zaccarella who provided a convincing sign language interpretive cameo.
The musical prerogative of the main theme intentionally retro styled was the exclusive use of chiptune / 8 bit sounds.
More information through the feedbacks that will follow.