December 29, 2022
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Coulrofobia by Elisa Gini

Coulrofobia poster

A short movie between drama and psychological horror entitled “Coulrofobia”, directed by Elisa Gini, has been released.

The work deals with this widespread phobia, known for decades, but little studied…and which today has clearly intensified contextually with the downturn of the clown character in horror films (just think of “IT” or the more current and annihilating “Terrifier”).

Having been mainly shot in MOS, I enjoyed reconstructing a sort of acoustic reality external to the protagonist’s deafening fear. I then added a soundtrack which, starting from a melancholic and solipsistic circus atmosphere, meets through a climax at times unnerving at times embarrassing a final epic which represents both the actress cathartic aggression towards the object of one’s anxiety and insomnia and the awareness of her own paranoia.