November 20, 2022
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Started the shooting of my first official movie

It took seven revisions of the script before every single detail – never left to chance as in everything I do and often escapes the attention of others – seemed satisfactory…then suddenly everything happened spontaneously in an atmosphere and teamwork spirit that I (always used to deepen any artistic experience alone) I was not used to; and it happened as the most natural thing to do. Not even on stage have I ever felt so at ease and this motivates me but scares me at the same time: almost a bamboo cane that sways on the emotions my actors try to convey beyond the ruthless eye of the camera. The grief I carry inside is finally leaving the abstract confines of music, even if this will obviously be an integral part (even diegetic) of this short but intense work where the sound ceases to be a filler, but becomes a communicative complement until it replaces the word where the emotional load prevents intelligible communication.

To avoid clogging up this website, I’ve created a specific Facebook PAGE, where I’ll post everything about it for better or for worse.

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