November 6, 2022
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A new horror short coming in the dark

Una notte allimprovviso frame Luigi Maria Mennella

Completed tonight the mixing and mastering for the short horror film by Davide Nesti entitled “Una notte all’improvviso” with a classic mood, but original and unexpected ironic ending. Apart from the work of sound design, sound edit etc, for this last part I composed a hard rock song with subtle 70’s dark-prog reminiscences that brought me back to playing the guitar. Instrument this one – I open an anecdotal parenthesis – which I have practically abandoned in recent years (despite my past activity as a metal soloist) due to painful tendon damage sustained during a period of volunteering in ambulance for the elderly and disabled people (especially the former, because for the latter someone earned less…) and for which I will never stop cursing the fake Leghorn non-profit organization where I served in…