Lots of news coming soon

6 new soundtracks, one of my medium-length film out and a little short in progress, new paintings, a new look for my blog, an important screenplay and an even more [...]


I am trying with enthusiasm - and shameful delay given how long it has been around - what I believe is one of the best waveform editors for Mac (but [...]

We’re almost

News you’ll read late, because the site is still "under maintenance": I am beginning to see the end of this huge work started last year. Unlike in the past, I [...]

A farewell to Fabio

Today I learn with great regret the premature death of a great artist and technician, but also an exquisite and cordial person, Fabio Possanza, author of the splendid photograph of [...]

“Aes Grave” on air

A couple of tracks from the new album on Italian National Broadcasting Company Radio 3 (Rai 3) "Battiti 10.10.2017, 0.00", 1.30 am - (approx. 49' 54) Furvus - "Aurora rectae [...]

A reflection

Is there anyone who can assert it's worth all this?Extrapolated from any form of family affective facilitation or effective patrimonial one...simply a primate in post-industrial mood struggling with the ruthlessness [...]

I’m back…

Last months haven't been the easiest times: I feel an important part of me is being taken away from me...but the music - when it's spontaneous as a hiccup, done [...]