LMM releases

Flying over old and nowhere to be found (thankfully!) demo tapes belonging to my adolescence, from 1988 to today I have published different stuff using a lot of monickers, a large part of which is now almost impossible to find.

Through the extraordinary Bandcamp platform is now available the back catalogue (including new releases) of my official records and merchandise, updated in real-time about the availability. Involvements in samplers’re not contemplated, but do ask for them (I may have a copy).
There are currently only albums in traditional format, but I was thinking about publishing digital albums in future or rare material reissues, so I invite those who have not yet done to subscribe to my website to keep informed.
All this stuff from me is brand-new and autographed, in order to give you an higher collectible value.

For all the rest not available any more from me, if you don’t want to go crazy looking for it inside catalogs of distributors all over the world (which I confess to have traded with), the most practical choice is to search inside the huge Discogs market: there are collectors who own releases I didn’t even know existed! This stuff can be new or used, of course.

However, I am happy to provide you with information on the published/unpublished – official/unofficial material.