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name: F.ormal L.ogic D.ecay

genres: musique concrète, experimental, electro, industrial, power electronics, noise, ambient / dark ambient, modern classical, Krautrock, hard techno, trance, IDM, neofolk, post-pop, soundtrack, ritual, alea, avantgarde electronics, sound and vocal research, abstract, field recording, drone, minimal, etc

years active: 1990 / 2006 – 2011 / present

bio: F.ormal L.ogic D.ecay (at first called simply “FLD”) is the most experimental and unpredictable between my musical projects: pure essence of sound research free from any kind of categorical gender restrictions. 
Notwithstanding my essentially classical musical education, I approach to this artistic choice already during adolescence, dazzled by the practices of John Cage for piano (an instrument that now play more than 30 years) and the vocal experimentations of Stratos, which have increasingly moved me away from the hieratic rigidity of the setting opera (studied both as a baritone and tenor with the Romanian soprano Lucia Stanescu and in Leghorn Conservatory).

FLD old live shot

In the early 90s, since I was not yet using computers and hard disk recording, I carried out my first recordings on a simple Fostex analog multi-tracker, without spreading my tapes in a industrial scene where I moved only marginally in, because of my assiduous commitments with metal bands. Scene which I’ll definitively leave in 2000 to found my own little industrial / electronic label music (Anaemic Waves Factory) dedicated to a niche market and start to focus better on my 3 main musical projects (FLD, En Velours Noir and Furvus). 
Many of those tapes have been unfortunately lost or have deteriorated, but I’m still working on their restoration, and in 2011 for the first time in twenty years some of them have been finally released in limited edition inside the box “CelebrAction” (Selenophonia, SP001). 
My listenings and sound / voice experimentations haven’t always easily stop, engulfing, filtering and appropriating a lot of different unconventional plays, then provide the basis for a corpus of singular modes of expression.
This has given rise to a very heterogeneous record production, which swings into the specifics of F.L.D. between musique concrète and power-electronics, through industrial, dark ambient, ritual, space music, lowercase, apocalyptic folk, martial, aggrotech and cinematic sound in general (…).