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First important consideration: I am an artist whose activity begins before the end of the last century and continues today in a media world that has significantly changed. I have seen the birth of fanzines with very poor graphic quality, sometimes without a computer and typed it up! …and ruined by a much worse quality of photocopies. I saw these zines turn into glossy magazines, even with CDs enclosed, and I found many of those passionate reviewers hired by newsstand magazines who couldn’t keep up with the monthly load of upcoming promos. Then I saw publications born directly on the web (or moved there to cut costs).
A lot of technological and operational changes…

While working on this website, I also thought about scanning again the huge archive of old photocopies (but also my zines collection) of reviews / interviews concerning me , but then I asked myself: “honestly, who could be interested for instance in a testosteronic interview made to me when I was 18 or the review of a demo tape concerning with music I for one don’t even listen to anymore?!”. Better perhaps to focus on the “new century”, the still active projects.

Nevertheless that was simple impossible for me to collect all the reviews which regard to my releases, given that in some circumstances labels which produced them cannot inform me about all their promotional work (of course!); similar argument for any kind of reference in the field of music journalism.
Lastly, there’s also the problem of the material spread through mags / webzines shut down and that are no longer online, for which I didn’t think of taking a screenshot at the time (like nowadays I do): in some cases, fortunately, I have kept the Word interviews-files (their questions and my answers) or the transcription I made many years ago for the old portal (which had a more textual content), but it is a matter of little material found.

After all these beautiful lucubrations, I decided to publish some sample material only, for the overall completeness of the site.
Nothing about past metal projects, but sometimes you’d find some reviews from metal magazines which have shown open mind towards my “strange” musical genres and I found it nice to report their testimony too.
I’ll be grateful to all who will want to increase my recent* archives contacting me to submit reviews, articles, etc here not present.

* please, from 2000 onwards. Before, as you can see, I’m fine!