My approach to visual communication began as a child through the creation of artisanal board games or notebooks with pages roughly illustrated as video game levels (in those days every child’s dream after a few plays at the bar or game room) where a hypothetical player had to go without a fixed order, through the various pages containing pre-established paths and make certain moves; all aided by a dice on which I had replaced the 5 and 6 with a “jump” and a “shot” (sword, laser, whatever was needed). Something similar to “game-book” if only I knew what they were …

penna su carta 1995

Then I engaged in comics (of which I was a passionate collector as well) and started drawing strips inspired by series or films that I liked, but with characters sometimes I modified with a very derivative concept of inspiration, sometimes more personal, like a series I titled “Feud” (a sort of dilated “Sturmstruppen” set in the Middle Ages).

As my self-taught path allowed me to focus my imagination better, I fell in love with painting; especially the figurative. Oils and watercolors that got a short, ugly road, partly because of my constant feeling of dissatisfaction, partly because of my absurd idiosyncrasy towards the visual and narrative “boundaries” that I saw in the frame … and in the end I became the censor of myself… and almost at the end of the 90’s I definitely stopped painting and drawing.

pennarello su carta 1997

Taking a step back in time….I went through the period of the first metal bands and related covers & logos drawn entirely by hand.

handmade logos

In fact the only use I made of my home computers (eg Commodore 64 or Amiga 500) was to play or realize simple interactive fiction games or more graphically elaborated thanks to the help of the extraordinary S.e.u.c.k. software.

As technology advanced, I gradually entered the world of graphics and desktop publishing. And so my fanzine Crepusculum Conscientiae was born with which, in addition to getting in touch with thousands of musicians / bands from all over the world, I paid my dues in the graphic field, and then perfected myself issue after issue and above all when I started collaborating with Beyond Prod. (or other underground labels) for the realization of some releases artworks, advertising pages, etc. Those were the years of extreme metal, illegible logos, names that were piece of works… and many visual stereotypes that make me smile today, but I don’t give up anything: I had to start with something.

someAWFreleases DT

On 2000, with the creation of my second underground DIY label (Anaemic Waves Factory) I took in hand the entire creative process of each single release and I specialized in the creation of exclusive collectible packaging enriched by peculiar materials and processing. And the enthusiasm shown by many listeners towards my works led me to start doing the graphic designer by profession, both for local newspapers and as a freelancer.
It is still my job today (A.W.F. services). In the meantime, I have achieved a specialization in Adobe products in Manchester and enriched my skills with other more “physical” and post-production roles (eg. screen printing technician), in order to have a 360-degree view of the sector and I can safely say that I interacted with customers of any type / taste, but I always try not to abandon the music sector, with which I started and to which I belong.

Meanwhile I pick up a brush again, but this time virtual; and with the opening to digital painting and the integration of different techniques a little at a time, I had the desire to express myself visually again.

preview FLD HMV work in progress