name: H2R

genres: ambient, experimental, industrial, Krautrock, dark wave, nu jazz

years active: 2013/2016

bio: Born from a harder rhythmic transformation of Davide Valecchi’s ”aal” ambient project, to which I initially approached only for a vocal contribution it quickly became a four-handed very original (at least according to my knowledge of musical ‘market’) act: a substantial and hypnotic electro-wave / experimental architecture, created by Davide, around which I liked to wrap my contribution made of Kraut electronics, jazztronica, sideral ambient-noise and a sort of second skin to give to listener the possibility to get something different each time he moves towards his fruition. Adapting Davide’s poems as lyrics, even my use of the voice here is quite different from the one present inside the other projects of mine (even an hip-hop moment!) and in this regard I can dispassionately state with H2R I was able to enrich the expressive range of my vocal production.

H2R live 1

After a series of live performances where the songs still had a structure conceived for that type of performance, the debut album takes shape and with “The Secret Sharer”: an unique sonorous trip with a personal blend of experimental electronics, ambient, ritual industrial, jazztronica and Kraut music – partially improvised – all linked to a cosmic and lysergic visual approach and technically to a multi-level listening (suggested headphones due to some frequencies used, e.g. binaural beats).
H2R stands for “H II Region” and according to the Encyclopædia Britannica is an “interstellar matter consisting of ionized hydrogen atoms” in which the formation of a star has recently taken place.