September 8, 2020

We’re almost

News you’ll read late, because the site is still “under maintenance”: I am beginning to see the end of this huge work started last year. Unlike in the past, I tried to summarize a large part of my artistic activity in a single website, I made many cuts, even difficult choices, because I found myself oscillating between the “duty to report” and having to talk about a past that now it’s tight and I fear it may not be representative of what I am today; except for the irrepressible desire to always experiment and stay out of gender labels.
At this moment I decided to stop, probably going against my perfectionist nature: I turned off the scanner, put away magazines and fanzines, old tapes, cd-rs and external hard drives and closed dozens and dozens of folders which I was drawing material from to be ordered and arranged for this site. Enough! I can’t take it anymore and what I have inserted I think may be quite indicative. Every now and then I’ll calmly pull something out of the past, but now I prefer to focus on this semblance of future that awaits us.