July 5, 2020
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Sad news from Belgium

Thierry poster idea.png

I was very unhappy to hear by third parties that the Belgian director Thierry Janssens died last April due to Covid. We have never met, but I still have the memory of a person who is always exquisitely kind and a great expert in old-school horror cinema (he knew our Italian ‘school’ very well). In this regard, he had commissioned me for the soundtrack of his work “House of the Hanging” some tracks with a sound that would bring the mind back in time and that I created with synthesizers and string machines built at the turn of the 70s and 80s. Although I realize the pain of the family, I hope that one day someone wants to distribute his work (of which I only have a draft of the poster and a few seconds of footage).

Find a mix of the main theme variations and excerpts from the direct take sound in the VIDEO section.