October 2, 2022
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A silent movie premiere

LuccaAutori 2022Mennella

Yesterday, at Villa Bottini of Lucca, the premiere of the short film entitled “Quando una storia è solo una storia” directed by Giuseppe Ferlito was held. Given the nostalgic particularity of the work (essentially black and white / silent, with some delicate poetic licenses by the director) I created a soundtrack that accompanied the entire duration of the shot in a totally ‘old-school’ way: piano and short orchestral scores with a recovery of descriptive function now forgotten with the introduction of sound in film industry and in the current dominance of enveloping sound design of a purely electronic matrix. A pleasant dive into the past, in a way of making music for films that would have no way of existing elsewhere.

The short movie produced by Demetrio Brandi’s historical cultural association LuccAutori in collaboration with Scuola Di Cinema Immagina, is based on the screenplay by Nicola Buoso, winner of the specific section within the 28th LuccAutori Festival – “Racconti nella Rete” award. Complete program and further information HERE.