October 7, 2018

A mushroomy farewell to Dmitry

conDmitryJuly 2016

I recently learned of the death of a dear friend who tragically drowned amidst Black Sea waters (Sevastapol). Known only a few years ago, when he gave me a mammoth book about the Italian experimental scene (“Viva Italia”) in which to my surprise I found some pages and various quotes dedicated to me, we always stayed in touch and I had the pleasure of hosting him sometimes during his travels in this country he loved so much: and which he had been able to analyze with a careful journalistic eye from his far away Russia.

This will be always your home too: I’ll miss our long talks, Dmitry Vasilyev, courteous friend of mine.
May your eternal journey be peaceful now and full of generous mushrooms…and even if you were able to make them edible, please ease up with the poisonous ones!