March 29, 2018
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H2R: The Secret…ShareD

Years have passed since the initial drafting of the tracks that make up the pieces of this enigmatic album created with Davide (Valecchi), passing through personal reflections, then live re-workings and total changes in the studio. After a long pause, like good wine that must rest, this material finds its physical form and sound balance in this cd, presented with a graphic minimalism perhaps unusual for me, but which perfectly balances the layered complexity of its audio content. A sound journey between electronic experimentation, ambient relaxation, industrial nervousness, jazztronics restlessness and Kraut visionary nature.
“The Secret Sharer” has been released by Solchi Sperimentali Discografici (SSD004) in digifile CD.

You can find more info about the album and audio excerpts HERE.

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