June 2, 2016
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New FURVUS album in the works / update 2

The new album is finished.

I’m spending the last few hours of mixing to clean up everything that can interfere with its digital destination, especially from the acoustic parts of the disc (vocals, choirs, percussions, guitars, etc) and I can confidently say that this third album is the essence
of present Furvus without distorting its roots put down in “Deflorescens Iam Robur” times.

The mastering will be entrusted to the same person who produced my debut album, today become a brother of mine
(Giovanni Indorato, Beyond Prod. / Cyber Ghetto Studio & Records) and intimate connoisseur
of the deepest sonorities behind the project and its sonic aesthetics. Ad maiora.

Furvus 2 giugno 2016 700