June 22, 2021
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Upcoming new soundtrack and enthusiasm, even if I’m down for other things…(but the show must go on)

Ok … I promised myself to update the site often but I disappeared for a while … also due to the exhausting heat for my allergies and more serious problems… However I come back with good news: I spent the last month on the set (I must say with the privileged perspective of Boom Op) of a medium-length film that talks about Covid in a way that I could define passionate and hormonal, where the generational conflict is masterfully balanced between the acting impetus of the new lever eager to communicate and the titanic phlegm of the old one inclined to bitter reflection.
“Vecchio Mondo” is the title of the new work by director Giuseppe Ferlito, an author totally far from the commercial logic of compromises, capable of rediscovering poetry even in urban decay. And I like that. Just as I like the way in which he was able to independently marry my music / soundtrack with his footage, thanks to a synergistic, empathetic editing. More info later.

DT Vecchio Mondo collage