June 26, 2021
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“Neverland” is safe & soundtracked

Despite some technical issues with the audio-video sources, “Neverland” medium-length movie by director Nam Nguyen is safe & sound(tracked). A few days ago the mastering phase for the soundtrack started and we are recovering the parts of the dialogues to be ‘restored’, but everything is back under control.

Neverland OST framesoundtrack by Luigi Maria Mennella

Without spoiling too much, expect an isolationist work, shot in full lockdown in an already problematic Australia and with a self-documentary but at the same time dreamlike cut.
I can confidently assert that I feel this movie almost mine, given that since last January we have been discussing every single manic detail of this work day and night, sometimes clashing but always with the polite tones that only oriental phlegm can maintain (the author is of Asian origins).
A work for which the ancient concept of “labor limae” on the musical level has been fully applied, even cutting very suggestive musical parts (which at this point will end up in my 2019 solo album “Ruelles en celluloid”, whose official release has been postponed), but which risked distracting from the minimalism of some shootings. Almost a personal challenge for mutual satisfaction, without any compromise.
In all this, a sort of light-hearted electro-dance ‘hit’ was born which obviously benefits from the contrast with the tragic situation. As always: more info later.