May 22, 2015
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New FURVUS album in the works / update

The work on the new album is progressing faster than I imagined: still 3-4 songs and I can be satisfied.
Small technical and stylistic anticipations: an increased presence of brasses and experimental philological combinations of instruments from the past for an album which indeed has an ancient flavor, but it’s no longer circumscribed to a specific geographical area or historical period. And since persisted the intention not to use vocal vst (when Furvus was born I did everything by myself and I wish this tradition was preserved) I have therefore introduced
new register and timbre variations of my voice to enrich the choral scores.
What else? Naturalistic field recordings like the old days…

… and only real percussions / idiophones. ALL OF THEM.

Furvus 22 maggio 2015 700