April 21, 2017 Artist Image

Complete track list:
01) Missio Apostatae
02) Aurora Rectae Ultionis (Alle prime Luci di una Giusta Rivalsa)
03) Pos de chanter m’es pres talenz {primus actus}
04) Melopoeia Pestilentiae, Caudata Domina Nostra
05) Mon in the Mone
06) Dá fhaid é an lá, tagann an oíche
07) Attollimus culignas, pro Gloria Bacchi! (Cantus vulgatus cum novem vocibus)
08) Pos de chanter m’es pres talenz {secundus actus}
09) De Rerum Natura: Discors Triumphus Rationis atque Religionis

Published by Dark Vinyl Records in 2017 E.V.
6 pages Eco Digifile CD

What the time doesn’t erase, is strengthened in the memory: the memory of loved ones, of lost faith and the blood shed which is now outlined through this journey inside the music and moral heritage of the past, going beyond the Pillars of Hercules of any religious or political belief.

From theophany to solipsism, the wayfarer’s catharsis takes shape across the project’s sound textures, epic and introspective as yesterday,
but today also tinged with shades ranging from conviviality to more majestic chorality.
All made with a balanced use of computer (e.g. each vocal part is sung by me / no samples – no VST; same thing for the acoustic percussions, live played/recorded, etc.) on a substrate of Concrete processing.
A sound katabasis down to the hell of one’s emotional intelligence with an obol perhaps too expensive to be paid …